Investigation of and advice regarding the physical characteristics of the soil, foundation design and construction materials

Site Investigation – General:

Site Investigation is all about understanding and reducing risk. In so many cases, important decisions are made based on the information gained through a site investigation. You need to trust that this information will be reliable, accurate and on time.

SURVEY2000 have been undertaking site investigations throughout the Bangladesh for over 10 years.Typical ground investigation might include a desk study, boreholes, CPTs, trial pits, in-situ field testing, geotechnical laboratory testing and contamination testing. This work is coordinated by our technical team, made up Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists.


We provide surface, borehole and offshore geophysical services as a cost-effective, non-intrusive approach for site investigations. The integration of geophysics with traditional mappings, intrusive sampling and other investigation methods can provide enhanced understanding of site conditions resulting in reduced risks and lower project costs.

Geotechnical Engineering

Site investigation and characterization – specialist in-situ and laboratory testing, geophysicsSoil mechanics ,Geotechnical/geological hazard and terrain analysis Landslide and slope stability studies, Seismic risk analysis, liquefaction assessment and earthquake engineering

Foundation design for bridges and other structuresPile foundation design; full scale static and dynamic load testing, Excavation shoring using soil nailing and other systems, Retaining wall design, including geosynthetic reinforcement and structural systems Soft-ground engineering and mitigation using wick drains, preloading, lightweight fill, Specialist ground engineering contracting, including deep soil mixing Groundwater/Hydrogeology

Services include:

Groundwater supply investigation, Well design, installation and rehabilitation Dewatering, depressurisation and seepage control – design and implementation Integration of groundwater studies into geotechnical analysis and slope design Analysis of groundwater-surface water interactions, including groundwater dependent ecosystems Groundwater management and control at mining and industrial sites Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) ,Groundwater remediation.

Topographic and Hydrographic Survey Equipment (owned by SURVEY2000)

“SURVEY 2000” owns a series of modern sophisticated topographical and hydrographic survey equipment. It also possesses adequate equipment and tools necessary for geotechnical investigation works and conducting different tests. It also possesses required survey and data processing software used in modern survey technology. The organization also provides technical training and support to its employees.

Serial Model Set
1 RTK GPS Total Station: Model Trimble 5700 1
Description ‘SURVEY2000’ possesses the high precise RTK GPS TotalStation. With new extended RTK(eRTK) technology it provides position and its level together at online (thus no required of post processing) with sub centimeter accuracy. It is ideal for establishing control points, large area survey, route survey for Road-Gas-Electric transmission line, road as built and setting out new road alignment/grade, GIS mapping and Hydrographic survey etc. It can upload the entire continuous 3-dimentional design data and with the real-time map display you can always see where you are with respect to the design.
2 TSI Controller (data Logger/Survey Controller) 1
Description TSC1 Data Collector built in Trimble survey controller software handles a wide variety of conventional and GPS instrument, all in a single environment. Its powerful computer and large memory capacity allow complete 3-D designs to be uploaded and carried to the field. Also display a map of all the points you have gathered in real time, so you can check for gaps in the survey before you leave the site. It is easy to enter and update detailed GIS attributes for the mapped assets.
3 Electronic Total Station Trimble 5500 series DR200+ 1 set Sokkia 500 series 2 set Topcon GTS 720 1 set Leica TS02 1 set Leica TS06 plus 2 set Leica TS09 1 set
Description Prism less, Direct reflex, Infrared laser measurement, built-in software for advance survey and calculations at site.
4 Auto Level 8 nos.
5 Digital level (Sokkia SDL30) 2 nos.
6 GPS Magellan Tracker 6nos
Description about description
7 Radio Detection(Cable Avoiding Tool) set
Description 1 no
8 Trimble 4000RS(DGPS)
Description A.T.33kHz able to detect gas, water, electric line etc. below ground.
9 Echosounder: Odom EchotrakMIKE-II 1 set
Description IKEII duel frequency(210khz & 33Khz), GPS interface, Large digital screen, thermal printing.
10 ADCP Workhorse 600 1 set
11 low Probe Global water F FP201 1 set
12 Survey & Data processing Software: set
Description “Survey 2000” has a good number of legal specialized survey, GIS, and civil engineering software to satisfy clients every requirement in survey and data submission. Trimble’s Terramodel: It is ideal for a range of survey work, including the processing of (conventional or GPS) topographic surveys and control networks, as CAD editing and digital terrain modeling. At any point in the process you can choose to export your information as data files, graphical exchange format, or hard copy. No matter how your clients want their data delivered, the software is ready to export 50 design, CAD, GIS, and survey formats. Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO):Create comprehensive maps with data from both conventional and GPS instruments consolidated. Trimble Geomatics Office software utilizes field code attributes to automatically create a fully detailed survey plan from your data, irrespective of its source. Autodesk Survey: Trimble has teamed up with Autodesk’s AEC Market Group to develop the Trimble Link™ module that is embedded in Autodesk Survey. With the Autodesk Survey add-on for the AutoCAD Land Development Desktop software, survey data can be used to perform reduction and analysis for a wide range of surveying projects. And with the Trimble Link module, you can seamlessly transfers your RTK and conventional survey data from the Trimble Survey Controller software directly to the AutoCAD Land Development Desktop where it can be immediatelyused for analysis and to create site designs. Once the design is created, you can transfer the data points directly back to the Trimble Survey Controller software for stakeout. Eaglepoint 98: A civil engineering & surveying software package that let you data flow through your process to produce the necessary deliverables to complete your project. By combining the power of AutoCAD or MicroStation, Eagle point brings you unmatched productivity gains. PDS1000: This is a PC based software package for Hydrographic data collection, processing and dredge guidance. It is designed to assist the surveyor in carrying out the complete survey operation from planning to final charts and dredge guidance data. WINRIVER I & WINRIVER II : ADCP Software packages for data collection and analysis of current velocity, direction and discharge measurement. Hypack Max: Software package for Hydrographic survey and data processing. L.S.S: For Topographic survey data processing, network adjustment and map preparation. ARC view 3.2A, ARC Info 3.5.2 & 4: A leading software for GIS Data base mapping & analysis.
13 Training and Technical support: set
Description “HYDRONAV SINGAPORE PTY LTD.” A leading survey equipment and rental company supplies us the survey equipment and provides the necessary technical support and training. As most of our survey equipment and data processing software from Trimble family, the world’s largest GPS & survey equipment training organization “TRIMBLE” also provides us technical training and support. These trainings are staffed by Trimble or Trimble Certified instructors with thousands of hours of experience in GPS surveying techniques and include extensive hands-on field and software exercises. In Bangladesh LEICA GEOSYSTEMS authorized distributor of Leica supplies survey equipment and provides maintenance and regular calibration.


Serial Model Set
1 Rotary drilling rig Model XY200 2 sets
2 Percussion Drilling Rig 8 sets
3 Pressure Meter (OYO Elastometer-2, Japan) 1 set
4 Seismic Share wave logger (Olsan instrument, USA) 1 set
5 Earth Resistivity meter-4 pole( ACME USA) 2 set
6 Cyclic plate load test set 2 set
7 CPT 1 set
8 Cable Avoiding Tool (CAT), Holland 1 set
9 9. GPR( Ground Penetration Rader) OPERA DUA ,Italy 1 set
10 Pile Echo Tester (PET) Pile test, USA 1 set
11 Dynamic load test (Allnamics Holland) 1 set
12 CBR field test 1 set
13 Permeability test(double ring infiltometer) Humboldt,USA 1 set
14 . Field vane share 1 set
15 Generator 2 set
16 Pressure pump 1 set
17 Auto Hammer(SPT) 3 set
18 Mechanical winch


Laboratory Equipment:

Description of laboratory apparatus Quantity Automatic triaxial test with Clisp studio software 1 set Unconfined compression test 1set Consolidation test 2sets Direct Shear test 1set Atterberg limit 3sets Hydrometer 8nos Sieve with shaker 2sets Lab CBR 3 set Proctor test apparatus 2 sets Sediment sample test 1 set Tool kit for PH, Salinity, chloride, DO,etc. 1 set Noise volume meter. 2 no Wind speed meter 2 no Electric oven. hot plate, universal extruder, balances, ETC.