Investigation of and advice regarding the physical characteristics of the soil, foundation design and construction materials

Site Investigation – General:

Site Investigation is all about understanding and reducing risk. In so many cases, important decisions are made based on the information gained through a site investigation. You need to trust that this information will be reliable, accurate and on time.

SURVEY2000 have been undertaking site investigations throughout the Bangladesh for over 10 years. Typical ground investigation might include a desk study, boreholes, CPTs, trial pits, in-situ field testing, geotechnical laboratory testing and contamination testing. This work is coordinated by our technical team, made up Geotechnical Engineers and Engineering Geologists.


We provide surface, borehole and offshore geophysical services as a cost-effective, non-intrusive approach for site investigations. The integration of geophysics with traditional mappings, intrusive sampling and other investigation methods can provide an enhanced understanding of site conditions resulting in reduced risks and lower project costs.

Geotechnical Engineering

Site investigation and characterization – specialist in-situ and laboratory testing, geophysics, Soil mechanics ,Geotechnical/geological hazard and terrain analysis Landslide and slope stability studies, Seismic risk analysis, liquefaction assessment and earthquake engineering

Foundation design for bridges and other structures Pile foundation design; full scale static and dynamic load testing, Excavation shoring using soil nailing and other systems, Retaining wall design, including geosynthetic reinforcement and structural systems Soft-ground engineering and mitigation using wick drains, preloading, lightweight fill, Specialist ground engineering contracting, including deep soil mixing Groundwater/Hydrogeology

Services include:

Groundwater supply investigation, Well design, installation and rehabilitation Dewatering, depressurisation and seepage control – design and implementation Integration of groundwater studies into geotechnical analysis and slope design Analysis of groundwater-surface water interactions, including groundwater dependent ecosystems Groundwater management and control at mining and industrial sites Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), Groundwater remediation.