SURVEY2000 produces highly accurate result for every sector with skilled ENGINEERING division




SURVEY2000 produces highly accurate and detailed topographical surveys, from green field sites to urban environments. We believe our strength is our understanding of our clients' needs and requirements, which enables us to deliver a high quality service. SURVEY2000 is able to undertake many types of topographic surveys and produce AutoCAD drawings to scale or data exchange format files. Aided by the latest Leica Total Stations, Trimble RTK GPS technology. SURVEY2000 has the latest technology at our disposal and our highly skilled staff have skills to match. All of our equipment is supplied by Leica and Trimble , leaders in modern survey equipment, meaning guarantees high standards of quality assurance for your project. Topographical surveys: Full feature survey - A complete survey of the terrain to record the position of the street furniture, road lines, buildings, services, contours, embankments, vegetation etc. Boundary verification - Basic outline of a projects periphery. Ground levels - A grid of levels or volumetric calculations. Services - Surface features such as high level electrical cables and telecoms to sub-surface buried communication 's cables, water pipes etc.


At SURVEY2000 our land surveyors carry out surveys for large and small developments, from topographic surveys of Greenfield sites using GPS and relating the survey data to carrying out internal building surveys of residential properties for refurbishment. By continually investing in the most up to date survey equipment and software we are able to offer our clients a diverse, reliable and accurate service.


Construction is one of the largest industries in the world and Surveying has always played an important role in any construction project. SURVEY2000 delivers key functions to the build process and supports engineering projects from the initial earth works to final completion. The key functions for our construction surveyors is the establishment of accurate Primary Survey Control, reliable Setting Out, factual As-Built information and producing clear legible AutoCAD drawings.

4. Site Control & Setting Out

At SURVEY2000 we believe the establishment and maintenance of an accurate Primary Control Network is vital to ensure successful dimensional control over a project. SURVEY2000 prides itself on the quality of our work when it comes to Primary Survey Control. Whether it's for a large scale development or a small housing project, Site Control Establishment of the Primary Survey Control for a project Check and audit existing Primary Survey Control established by others Establish level datum's and FFL's on site Setting Out, Piling, Ground works / Drainage, Formwork, Line and level steelwork, Landscaping

5. GPS

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based positioning system, which by virtue of its special characteristics has revolutionized surveying. SURVEY2000 has a depth of experience when it comes to using GPS specially RTK GPS and with the use of Trimble’s hardware and software integrated systems we offer a solution to our clients which gives them increased efficiency and hence cost savings. GPS comes into its own when it comes to large scale projects. Whether it is a topographical survey, setting out, open air mining, mass volume calculations or fixing primary control, SURVEY2000 has the expertise to advise you on what is best suited for your project.


With there being so many specialist trades on site it's important for the Principal Contractor to carry out dimensional checks. SURVEY2000 offers a non-bias approach to reporting the facts. Results are compared to the design information and reported clearly as AutoCAD drawings. More often than not, deviations from design creeps in as a project races to PC, these costly errors never contribute positively to a successful project. Our team at SURVEY2000 believes our as-built surveys are an insurance policy the construction manager cannot do without. When a client wants to refurbish an existing building it's important to work with up to date as-built information as old record drawings may be inaccurate. Our as-built surveys record the variations/deviations to key elements of a structure i.e. structural slab levels, lift thresholds, column positions etc.


Applying modern state of art technology SURVEY2000’s utility locators and engineers can locate the depth and position of metallic and non-metallic pipes, buried object in real time and prepare maps using the GPR(Ground Penetration Rader)Utility Scan. Combination of Topographic survey and GPR certainly enhance one's overall understanding of subsurface targets and obstructions. The GPR can be integrated with RTK GPS system so that the resulting data shows proper GPS position. GPR also ideal for high-speed data collection of: measuring pavement layer thickness, detection of cavities, airport runway assessment, detection of fouled/clean ballast and utility detection. Typical Uses of the GPR include:
• Road structure assessment
• Utility designation
• Bridge deck assessment
• Rail bed inspection


SURVEY2000 helps customers maximize geographic datasets with a full range of GIS, satellite mapping, and 3D visualization solutions. Our GIS offerings include strategic planning, enterprise GIS, customized applications development, and spatial analyses. Working with major satellite imaging providers, we deliver value-added services that integrate satellite imagery in varied mapping and GIS applications. Our visualization capabilities include customized 3D modeling and detailed 3D thematic maps. • GIS
• 3D Modeling & Visualization

Providing a full range of GIS services, SURVEY2000 works with customers to turn spatial data into knowledge. Offerings include strategic planning, design and implementation of enterprise systems, customized application development, 3D data integration and spatial analyses, database migration, and on-site support and staff augmentation. Our GIS staff have extensive programming and database skills and are experienced working with a broad range of CAD and GIS systems, including the full range of ESRI products, Bentley MicroStation, AutoDesk AutoCAD, and Visual Studio.


Hydrographic Surveys and Route Surveys

SURVEY2000 offers a complete range of hydrographic survey services, including desktop studies (DTS), topographic landing surveys, shallow-water (including diver swim) surveys, IHO bathymetry, pre- and post-dredge, submarine cable and pipeline route surveys, covering the whole route from landing site, near shore to full ocean depths. Precision Navigation and Positioning

SURVEY2000 provides precise navigation for all positioning requirements. SURVEY2000 provides a complete bathymetry and charting service to cover any project scope and location.

SURVEY2000 utilize the latest technology in positioning and sounders to produce quality plans and charts of the designated survey area. The sensors are calibrated to known values and interfaced to dedicated survey software onboard. SURVEY2000 is capable of regular charting surveys for major ports, investigation surveys for new port developments and channels, dredging surveys, and scientific mapping. Bathymetry/Charting

Current Metering

SURVEY2000 provides a complete current metering service to measure and monitor current speeds and direction for any marine purpose. SURVEY2000 has the capability to meet all current and stream flow study requirements in the marine environment. SURVEY2000 provides current profiling, long term fixed metering, and drogue tracking field measurement as well as complete reporting services.

Seabed Coring & Sampling

Seabed coring and sampling is carried out to support and enhance topographical and geophysical seabed investigations. Techniques include grab sampling, shallow coring, vibro-coring, boreholes, and all sediment and core analysis. SURVEY2000 has the capability to define seabed sediments, sub seabed strata and analysis and report on all sediment and core samples collected in the field.