SURVEY2000 is a leading firm providing services in multiple disciplines i.e., Topographical survey, Hydrographical survey, Geo-technical investigations and related consulting services in Bangladesh since 1997. It has strong record of providing quality services in full range in the sectors of water resources, rural infrastructure development, roads and bridges, railway, power and energy, etc.

SURVEY2000 professionals and staffs are experienced in their respective field of work and are encouraged to maintain close contact with research institutes to keep pace with the latest developments in their respective field of disciplines. It has a numbers of skilled topo-surveyors, land & building surveyors, geotechnical investigation surveyors, etc. SURVEY2000 has an extensive capability with its state of art and latest Engineering survey and Geo-technical equipment. It has got an extensive capability in Computer application and Software development. SURVEY2000 maintains a Computer Applications Division. The division deals in software development for engineering and related applications. All the Geo-technical analysis, data analysis and report generation are computer aided.

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